March 21, 2016



1. Admission will be offered on the child’s performance in the admission test and interview.
2. Admission is offered in class nursery to a child who is 3yrs. On 31st March of the year of admission. One year will be added for every next class.
3. The date and time for the interview & written test will be given at the time of registration.
4. Students will be admitted as per as seats available.
5. Mid- term admission is not given except transfer cases on the basis of the Test and If there is a seat.
6. It is responsibility of the parents to confirm:
(I)The date when the list of the selected candidate will be put up.
(II)The last date for making payments.
7. The school management tries to provide bus or van facility to the maximum number of students. Children will be picked up only from the specified stops of the bus after depositing the dues and no new stop will be created for their ward.


8. In our endeavour to raise the standard of all children entrusted on to us, co-operation is sought from students and parents. The aim is to improve an average child and the good must excel.
9. To monitor the progress of their ward parents are requested to join hands with teachers. It is in their own interest.


10. No student shall leave the school premises un-escorted or without the permission of the principal.
11. Serious disciplinary action would be taken against discipline defaulters.
12. Student’s respect towards teachers and seniors is of prime importance. Disciplinary action is anticipatory if found guilty.