March 20, 2016



The school curriculum has been evolved to ensure an enriching leaning experience. It is based on the national pattern of education and is designed as per CBSE guidelines. The School holds cases from lower kindergarten up to secondary stage with the medium of instruction and offer Arts and Science subject along with the computer Science. G. K. and moral education forms essential part of the school curriculum. With a focus on quality education, classroom teaching is interactive and effectively supported by multimedia teaching and taught is kept within reasonable limits.

Formative Years

Learning can be fun with environment, vibrant colors and interactive walls depicting the three realms of earth; land, air and water are only spell magic but also contribute to the evolutionary process as well.

Kids library introduces the tiny tots to a whole new world of colorful books. They are provided access to the computers where in they can plash colors to their hearts delight using paintbrush and even play games. The play room has been specially designed keeping in the mind of child’s requirement. Here they learn to share and care with their peer group and enhance their creative potential.

To nurture a positive self-concept in children, emphasis is laid on play way method. Music plays a vital role in verbal expression and motor skills.

Primary School

Children become life long learners when learning is fun and relevant. At the age of 6 when the children enter the junior school they understand the basics of reading, recognizing and writing. For the next four years they are exposed to a wide range of activities. The fine strokes of care and understanding along with individual attention make learning a fruitful experience.

Middle School

To inculcate an inquisitive sprit and capacity for effective self expression, the school provides the students an infrastructure to harness their thinking skills. When the children reach the age of 11 they are taught by specialist teachers for different subjects. Their syllabi include English, Hindi, Punjabi, Mathematics, and General Science, Social Studies, Computer Education, General Knowledge, Moral Science, Drawing, Games and Music. Students learn to be more independent. Learning by doing consolidates the information and maximization in their learning.

Secondary Section

In the secondary section N.C.E.R.T books are prescribed on the basis of C.B.S.E Curriculum. Students are prepared for the board examination. Applications of Knowledge, discussion, workshops, seminars and regular testing equip the students to all kinds of challenges. The commendable performance of our students year after year is a testing to the same.
The subjects taught include English, Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, General Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Moral Science, Introductory Information Technology and Physical & Health Education.

Games & Sports

Games and sports bring out the best in a child and enable him to channelise his energies to useful and gainful pursuits. In the field of sports, our school occupies a place of pride and can boast of both national and international player who have brought us laurels. In order to provide a boost to sports and enable healthy competition in the region, tournaments are organized regularly.

Participation For All

We feel each child has the potential so, “Participation for all” is the key principal. Group activities that include aerobics, gymnastic, drills, dance and bhangra are held on regular basis. In an hour-long session every week, we ensure that all the students get an opportunity to participate in either of the activities.

Information Technology

To meet the challenges and prepare students for the ever- evolving knowledge-based society, we keep a constant pace with the advancements being made in the field of Information Technology. The educational technologies that employ I.T. like the computer overhead projectors, internet and audio visual aids are the versatile tools which are used to assist learning in all areas. The potential of computer aided instructions as a medium for making teaching more interactive and learner oriented has always been an exciting matter for educational innovators.

In the 21st century computer aided instructions is indispensable to the school curriculum and its use needs to be truly realized and optimized. Teaching makes optimum use of information technology in the field of Education, as a tool for effective teaching and learning process. The visual clips facilitate conceptual clarity, increase interactivity and ease content assimilation.

The school has well- equipped computer labs including latest software and other computer peripheral devices. The school also has a networking system that connects all workstations through cables. Equipped with independent computer labs, one each the teachers are provided in the multimedia computer lab.

Animated visuals are shown to the students in addition to providing theoretical knowledge in the classrooms. Learning package of subject material based on the syllabi of classes V to XII is available with the school. Lessons are prepared using multimedia technology with 3D graphics, animation, sound etc. Various topics are discussed in the classes and later the students are taken for viewing these capsules, prepared as lectures.

Digital Classes

It is comprehensive technology, solution which empowers teacher to use digital resources such as Graphics, animation, 3D things, videos clips etc

Language Lab

Language lab offers distinct opportunities to the students to learn effective communication skills. The focus is laid on correct pronunciation, right stress and intonation. Using linguaphones and audio aids, voice modulation is also taught. It enhances their communication and interest to participate in the declamations, debates and group discussions.

Counseling Cell

Stress and anxiety often weigh heavily on young minds. Being focused is at times difficult. Counseling helps young learners to overcome all hurdles and move ahead. Right guidance not only boosts their morale but enables them to evolve better strategies to face the challenges and excel. The school counselor assists the students by being a friend and a guide.


We boast of three science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) well equipped with latest apparatus and specimens to facilitate teaching. Learning of science through learning by Doing method, slidoscope, projectors and other apparatus supports in teaching all the intricacies of science based topics and generates scientific temper in our young/ future scientists. The school is set to build a planetarium in the year future to quench thirst for celestial knowledge.


The school has a well-stocked computerized library consisting of about 12,000 volumes including 40 sets of Encyclopedias, under the charge of qualified librarians. Good number of periodicals and news papers are also subscribed to keep students abreast of the latest happening. It has open shelf system so as to allow students free access to the books. There is a junior library for the middle and the primary classes. Students are constantly encouraged to develop good reading habits.

Medical & Health Services

A thorough medical check up is conducted for all the students and a proper record is maintained keeping in view the oral hygiene of the students, a dental clinic has also been set up.


In the age of cut throat competition, the youth and adult of the day suffer from various types of tensions, conflicts and phobias. The impact of Western Culture has added to the woes of the youth and has caused a lot of confusions. Consequently, our culture, Heritage, Social skill and moral values have suffered a downward spiral.
The youth needs to get rid of these influences and the school is the best place for it.


The rules and regulations of the school ensure a smooth functioning and provide an outline of code of conduct to the parents and children during their stay at school. abiding by these will be in the best interest of all concerned.


The children are our assets and their safety is our responsibility.The School has a fleet of buses to carry students from around 70 villages.The transport charges are quite reasonable and vary according to the distance.

N.R.I Students

The parents of the overseas students will ensure that the travel documents are complete in all respects. They are required to handover the following papers relating to their wards in the instruction’s office on arrival :-
(I) Passport valid for atleast one year.
(II) Visa valid for atleast one year.
(III) Health certificate.