March 21, 2016

From the Principal Desk

School is an apostle of learning and it plays a crucial role not only in broadcasting the mental horizon of the young learner but also develops sterling ethical values in them. Focus is laid on comprehensive qualities education and we make sincere effort to ensure that education is not limited to curriculum alone. Hidden Potential of children is identified and encouraged for both scholastic and co-scholastic achievements. This is ensured by inculcating values of positive thinking. Training the mind for a positive attitude plays a significant role in shaping the life of an individual. We equip children with a smart (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and time bound) goal and aim at providing holistic education so that they become responsible citizen of tomorrow and assets for the nation.

In the present context of globalization, the ward has shrunk to a mere village and with the revolution in the field of science and technology, it is imperative that we globalize education. The teacher’s role as an uphold our levels of commitment, towards our journey for achieving education excellence.

We regularly incorporate high-tech tools, to facilitate learning experience and devise effective strategies for the teaching learning process. Children are superb learner and in order to use them to a progressive feature, our consideration remains to offer them enjoy full experience of learning. Perseverance and abiding faith are indispensable for attainment of excellence. It shall be our constant endeavor to spur the students on the path of independent thinking and chisel their refined strokes of better attention, care and sense of belonging.

Mrs. Daljeet Kaur